Best Sex Positions For Women

Women will never attain orgasm from penetration alone.

Sex does not have to feel like a duty to any woman. Clitoral stimulation is the only way through which a woman is going to reach the bed-rattling, mind-blowing orgasm she has always yearned for.

So you may be wondering, what is the best sex position for a woman?

Pillow Under Ass and the Folding Chair The proverbial missionary position just needs to be tweaked a little bit and it will bring you orgasm within the first minute. First off, assume missionary position and then place a pillow under your ass. This allows for deeper penetration. It also allows you to access your clit, rub it.

The folding chair is even better. You place your legs on his shoulders and allow your body to bend in half, like a folding chair. His pubic bone will press hard on you adding friction and stimulating your clitoris. This position allows for the deepest penetration and makes you wonder whether his penis has increased in size overnight.

Spooning Women love emotions during sex. In this position, you both sleep on your side with the man behind you. He will enter you from behind. Though this position does not allow deep penetration, it allows the man to push against the front walls of your vagina thus hitting the G-spot constantly. His hands will be relaxed and thus he can touch your nipples or your clit.Girl on top. This sex position gives you control of your pleasure. You control penetration speed and depth and the side of your vagina walls he hits. While on top, looking at him, try to lean back instead of leaning forward. This gives him access to the G-spot. If you decide your ass will face him, lean towards his head to give access to the G-spot. This position allows you to rub your clitoris as you move up and down.

Worm Position. In this position, you lie on your stomach and he lies on his stomach on top of your posback. He can prop up with his hands or just let his stomach lie on your back as he thrusts. Lift your ass up and allow him to enter you from behind. Your clit will rub against the bed while he thrusts and whispers sweet words into your ears.

Stand Up Here, the woman sits on the edge of the bed with her legs spread out while the man thrust from the front while standing. Better still, the woman can place one leg on the man’s shoulder to allow maximum penetration. This position exposes the clit allowing you or the man to rub it. The position gives you orgasm that answers the question, what is the best sex position for a woman?…

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