The Best Condoms To Use

Condoms are the most popular means of contraception in the world.

They prevent sperm or fluids containing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) from reaching the soft tissues of the people engaged in sex. They come in various sizes.

Moreover, there are condoms for men and for women as well. Read on to learn the answer to, “Which are the best condoms to use?”

The Trojan Thintensity

This is a superb brand of condoms to use. They are 25 times thinner than the regular top brand Trojan. They are very thin so as to allow you to feel the sensation of pleasure intensely. In addition to being very thin, these condoms also have extra space in the tip of the condom. This allows for a more comfortable fit and better flexibility. The Trojan Thintensity also have very low levels of latex odor. Thus, you will not suffer the discomfort of having the smell of a ‘Doctor’s Glove’ as you make love. This is definitely one of the best condoms that you can use today.

The Lifestyles SKYN condomscons2

This type of condom is specially made for people who are allergic to latex. These are made of material known as polyisoprene. It is as strong as regular latex and is very thin. In addition to that, these condoms have lubricant that lasts for a long time. This promotes the comfort of making love with your
partner. This brand is definitely up there in terms of quality.

Durex Extra Sensitive condoms

This is a type of condom that is very thin and also super strong. Made by the reputable Durex condom manufacturer, this brand will definitely increase the sensitivity that you and your partner feel. What’s more, you can get Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed condoms too! If you like scented condoms, then the Durex Avanti BARE Latex condoms are a superb choice.

LifeStyles Warming Pleasure condoms

This brand of condom has a lubricant that is water-based. This means that it will flow smoothly as you use it. Moreover, the lubricant contains a special ingredient that warms up and stimulates the clitoris and vaginal wall of the woman. Thus, it results in more sensation for her as you use it. For $11, you can get a pack of 12.cons3

Durex Performax condoms

This is a brand of condoms that is designed such that it allows the man to last way longer before achieving orgasm. These answer the question, “Which are the best condoms to use?”Thus, the woman is able to enjoy and climax even before he does. These condoms have a lubricant that contains an ingredient known as Benzocaine. It reduces skin sensitivity on contact. Thus, it allows the man to keep going and keeps the lady aroused for for longer too.…

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